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How to add a cluster node

In our example we will not uninstall the cluster software, so we are able to add the node without install or patch steps.

OK{0} boot –x 
<newnode> # rm /etc/cluster/nodeid
<cluster> # scconf –a –T node=<newnode>
<newnode> # scinstall
<cluster> # scconf –a –q globaldev=d#
<cluster> # scconf –c –q reset

To finish the configuration, we need to add the new node to the cluster services. The IPMP Groups:

<cluster> # scrgadm -pvv | grep -i netiflist.*value
<cluster> # scrgadm -c -j ora-lh -x \ netiflist=<existing>@<nodeid>,<new>@<nodeid>

And the Ressource groups:

<cluster> # scrgadm -pvv -g ora-rg | grep -i nodelist
<cluster> # scrgadm -c -g ora-rg -h <exiting>,<newnode>
<cluster> # scswitch –z –g ora-rg –h <newnode>

In a scalable resource group, we have to change the max-primaries:

<cluster> # scrgadm –c –g scal-rg –y Desired_primaries=3 Maximum_primaries=3