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Some settings I would recommend:

* ZFS settings:
* Manage memory use between ZFS and applications
set user_reserve_hint_pct=80
* Determines the minimum size of ZFS ARC
* default: 1/32nd of physical memory or 64 Mbytes, whichever value is larger.
set zfs:zfs_arc_min=0x100000000
* Change number of CPUs dedicated to ZFS ZIO bulk processing
* Default was 100%, now 50%, usefull if ASM needs the power, not ZFS
set zfs:zio_taskq_batch_pct=10

* Sol 11.3 - Runnable Thread Occasionally Stays in Run Queue for a Longer Period (17697871)
set thread_transience_user=0
set thread_transience_kernel=0

* Controls the logical block size used by NFS client. 
* This represents the amount of data the client attempts to r/w 
* to the server when it needs to do an I/O.
* Default = 32k
set nfs:nfs3_bsize=1048576
set nfs:nfs4_bsize=1048576
* Controls the number of TCP connections that the NFS client uses
* Default = 1
set rpcmod:clnt_max_conns=8

* Specify the amount of kernel pageable memory available. 
* Increasing the default (2g) allows either larger kernel thread stacks
* for the same number of threads or more threads. 
set segkpsize=6291456