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SSH Login without password using keys. On node 1 and 2:

# ssh-keygen -t rsa		-> nophrase==nopassword
# $HOME/.ssh/ 	-> cp `uname -n`
# scp vizeversa $HOME/.ssh/ $HOME/.ssh/<node>
# cat <node> >> $HOME/.ssh/authorized_keys

Jump over Host

If you want or need a jump host but want to connect directly from your box, you can forward in/out put over a secure channel:

# ssh -t -o ProxyCommand='ssh user@jumphost -W %h:%p %r' user@target

My example jumps to the private target VM over a public VM in my Oracle Cloud (OCI)

pressy@PRESSY-MBP:~ # ssh -t -o ProxyCommand='ssh opc@ -W %h:%p %r' opc@